About Us

Entrepreneurs Guru Network is an American corporation and e-commerce Company, providing entrepreneurs-to-entrepreneurs and business-to-business services. Founded by a serial entrepreneur Dr. Victor Ide-Okoye, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Its primary function is to serve as a marketplace for entrepreneurs looking to expand or those wishing to merge or acquire new businesses. Startups looking for investors or partners for their new ventures, or those just looking for new business opportunities. It is a marketplace for everything entrepreneurial.

The business world finally gets its marketplace where serious Entrepreneurs find trusted partners to make business deals, form new business partnership and share business solutions or just buy a new business outright. It also welcomes private business investors who wish to buy new businesses or partner with startups instead of just providing funding for startups. We are revolutionizing the business world as you know it. We are the business merger-center of the world. Entrepreneurs Guru is a marketplace where entrepreneurs get together to make business deals, make partnership and share business solutions.

Entrepreneurs Guru is for success-driven and serious entrepreneurs focused on business growth. Entrepreneurs Guru Network is about having the right place to birth new business deals at the right times. No one has the team, the resources and the reach to succeed by themselves. Well-constructed business partnerships, carefully-structured joint ventures, and timely endorsements help entrepreneurs build their brand, credibility, momentum and customer base. Business owners/entrepreneurs/startups/investors who are looking for a way to expand or those who are looking for carefully-structured joint ventures finally gets their start-up heaven. It is a merger-center of business world. Entrepreneurs finally gets their chance to make business deals, well-constructed partnership or acquire new company. We also connect entrepreneurs of different backgrounds and needs. We provide entrepreneurs and investors new investment opportunities as well as list of companies with their profiles and other data such as investor presentations, financial backgrounds, product details and industry information. These information would enable entrepreneurs to make informed decisions on who becomes their partners or which opportunity is worth investing in.