Why I’m setting up entrepreneurs guru website and tools – Dr. Ide-Okoye

USAfrica: Dr. Victor Ide-Okoye, an enterprising international businessman operating from Boston and Abuja (Nigeria) has established an interactive web site entrepreneursguru.com. Okoye who also serves as President & CEO of the Bos Management & International Consulting informed USAfricaonline.com that “the motivation behind is in part giving back to society and part equipping startup business owners with the tools they need to build successful businesses. The site is specifically designed for business owners, and others who want to venture into new businesses.” Here are excerpts from his interview with USAfrica multimedia networks’ Founder Dr. Chido Nwangwu:

How will the site work? Experts and community members will be posting business topics on our discussion boards. Essentially an environment for free exchange of ideas with members. Our discussion board will serve as a virtual class room where our members’ business challenges will be tabled and discussed. Ultimately it is about the interchange of business ideas and winning formulas and best practices.

When did it go live? On January 28, 2013. The membership benefits are priceless.

What are your goals and business projections for the project? Our goal is to become a household name in entrepreneurial organizations. We are planning to have at least two International Seminars annually. The venues for the seminars will be all over the world and this year’s international seminars will be held in Boston, USA and Abuja –Nigeria!! We want to wield significant influence in the global business landscape. We want our impact on the world to be measured through the individual success of our members.

Who’s the target of the website? Our targets are startup entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, business owners, startup CEOs, and candidates searching for jobs, or those trying to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What next? The next for us is to build a strong membership base and start our magazine publication called “Entrepreneurs Guru Magazine” and we are hoping to start the production by the end of 2013.